Why More SEO Marketing Strategies include Infographics

Search engine optimization is often thought as a marketing strategy that uses words and words only. So, why are we talking about infographics? Sure, they are nice to look at, but more online marketing experts. SEO Auckland and others alike are exercising ways to use images as part of SEO strategies.  Using infographics is another way to share information with site visitors.  A clever infographic can offer information people will want to share after grabbing their attention.  Here are a few important points to know about using this component in your SEO strategy.

Make Any Topic Readable

An infographic can make the most boring topic interesting to read based on presentation.  Studies have shown the brain digests more information with accompanied with a picture or graphic. While being more captivating to the eyes, people are more likely to remember the content because of the picture or graphic a few days later after the initial read.

More Rounds Made on Social Media

Studies have shown visual content in general (such as videos and pictures) are 40% more likely to get shared on social media.  An infographic is a great component to add to social media marketing campaigns when you want to get the word out about something with faster results.

Infographics are Highly Effective

Infographics are effective when used with SEO Auckland marketing strategies for a number of reasons.  A large number of clients working with SEO companies feel this is the next big thing when it comes to creating unique custom content marketing material.  This is considered a less expensive strategy clients say has gotten them more leads.  More people find the content helpful, talk about the content they read (especially if it is a product or service), and are more likely to make a purchase.

Helps Brands Get the Word Out

Website visitors may only spend a minute or less at a website.  This means a large number of potential profits can jump to another website. In some cases, this can happen within 15 seconds!  Using an infographic can help business brands get the message out about their products quickly.  Meaning, you can get your message in sooner before a consumer decides to leave the website.

Market Expansion and Growth

While more shares on social media are great, infographics offer additional benefits. They can encourage the growth of your market by creating traffic referral.  It can be used to build links through relevant sites.  Studies show almost 45% of images on social media get shared.  Infographics are three-times more to be shared than an article or video.