Mother dies in cycling crash moments after taking this smiling selfie

Carmen Greenway pictured taking the selfie with one hand on her bike as she cycled home from dinner – moments before she hit a bumpy patch of road and lost control.

This is the smiling selfie taken by a Kiwi mother-of two just moments before she crashed her bike and was fatally injured just metres from her London home.

New Zealander Carmen Greenway, 41, took this picture of herself and her mother in the background as they rode back from the pub where they had been celebrating a family occasion.

But moments later, just 100 yards from her west London home, Mrs Greenway was flung from the saddle and cracked her skull as her mother, Sherry Bennett, watched on in horror.

She was rushed to hospital in Paddington, central London, but died six days later from cardiac arrest, leaving the family devastated.

Her husband, Rufus Greenway, 47, said his wife regularly rode back from the pub after a few drinks and knew the route well.

He described her as “a very competent cyclist” but believes she was “overconfident” and said she may have had one hand on the handlebar after taking the photo.

Carmen Greenaway was a 'competent cyclist' says her husband Rufus.

Carmen Greenaway was a ‘competent cyclist’ says her husband Rufus.

He said his wife would “still be alive today” if she had been wearing a helmet and is now calling on the government to make it a legal requirement on Britain’s roads. Helmets are not compulsory in the United Kingdom.