How to handle emergency plumbing situations?


Any type of plumbing situation can be a great inconvenience. However, some emergencies can be more damaging than others and therefore call for immediate inspection by a professional. Plumbing emergencies can be of different types. There can be gas leaks, broken and leaky pipes, blocked drainage and much more. Whatever be it, it is best to stay calm and avoid panicking till the plumber Orakei arrives. Given below are the tips on how to handle emergency situations if you were to face on.

  1. Gas leakage

If you get a strong smell of gas inside the rooms, it could possibly be a gas leak. In this case, check if all the regulators are turned off. Immediately switch off the main valve and open all the doors and windows to let the gas diffuse out. Avoid lighting a flame and remove all flammable materials from the area where the leak has happened. As you wait for the plumber Orakei to arrive, try staying out of these areas, even as the mere inhalation of these gases can cause serious health issues.

  1. Central heating

It can be a major inconvenience when the central heating breaks down, especially if it happens in the middle of a winter. It can be more problematic for the elderly people, children and those in a poor health condition. However, the heating system can be easily fixed as most of the times the breakdown occurs only due to tripping over circuit breakers, empty oil tank and the thermostat getting switched off. So if the heating system suddenly stops working, do not panic. Instead, go and check if it is any of the above-mentioned causes. Call the plumber Orakei only if it is something you cannot fix yourself and requires a professional to step in.

  1. Burst pipes

Burst pipes can be very problematic and if a plumber is not called in time, it can eventually lead to flooding of the entire floor, thus creating extensive damage. You can control the damage to some extent by placing rags, towels or buckets under the leaking portion. If there is a main valve in the plumbing system, shut it down so as to control the leak. While calling the plumber, give a detailed account and extent of the damage so that the plumber can carry the equipment accordingly before departing to your address. It is best to call in the emergency plumbers as they offer their services 24 by 7, give a quick response and dispatch well-trained servicemen equipped with all the necessary plumbing gears.

  1. Blockage

Blockages can cause major problems, especially if it happens in the toilets, bathrooms or kitchen sinks. Not only will the water refuse to drain, but sometimes, you may find dirty water flowing back out of the drain. If you see any of this happening, you should know that it is time to call a plumber right away. You should also start being wary if the water drains very slowly and there is a foul smell coming out of the drains.