Clean and Prevent Outdoor Furniture Mold and Mildew with these Tips

Mold and mildew are the last things anyone wants to deal with when it comes to furniture used outdoors.  While it is great to enjoy new furniture purchased from outdoor furniture Auckland and other fine retailers, after a while, the furniture may develop mold or mildew due to changes in weather conditions.  Taking care of your outdoor furniture includes understanding differences between mold and mildew and how to clean and prevent both to keep your furniture looking new.

Are Mold and Mildew the Same?

People may think mold and mildew are the same since they are a form of fungi.  They are not the same since each develops differently on certain types of furniture.  When mold develops it can be in different colors such as brown, green, yellow, white, or black.  On outdoor furniture, it can develop on cushioned material or underneath umbrellas.  Mold is the root cause of health concerns such as joint inflammation, migraines, breathing difficulties, and allergic reactions.

Mildew is commonly found in bathrooms after a person takes a bath or shower. It has a distinct look that is also found on outdoor furniture. This has a powdery appearance and either brown, black, or yellow in color. Different types of outdoor furniture that do not have cushioned material can develop mildew.  Headaches and breathing problems can be a result when uncleaned.  So how should mold and mildew be cleaned from outdoor furniture?

Mold Mildew Removal and Prevention

There are different ways to clean mold and mildew depending on the piece of furniture.  It is possible to find cleaning solutions at outdoor furniture Auckland and other retailers.  If you want an inexpensive way to clean your furniture here are basic tips:

  1. Use a solution you can make at home.  You can use ingredients you have at home or at your local store.  You can make a solution that includes baking soda, borax, dishwashing soap, and water.  Mix with warm water until dissolved and use circular motions to clear furniture. Works well for cushions and umbrellas.
  2. Light bleach mix.  This is a little stronger than the homemade mix, but be careful using it near colored cushions.  Use equal parts water and bleach in a bucket.  Don’t mix with ammonia.
  3. Ammonia mix.  This is a mix of water, vinegar, and baking soda. This is good for furniture with mold.
  4. Natural mixes.  You can use items such as lemon juice and salt to scrub away mold and mildew. You can also consider hydrogen peroxide.

Additional Tips for Care and Prevention

Keep moisture to a minimum or eliminate it when possible before it sets into the furniture.  Get your furniture into the sunlight. Cool, dark and damp areas are breeding grounds for mold and mildew.  Use breathable furniture covers.  Keep furniture clean by cleaning it at least 3 times throughout the year.