Physiotherapy Northern Beaches


Physiotherapy Northern Beaches is a professional clinic that offers high-quality physiotherapy to the individuals suffering from different types of injuries. The professional team at Physiotherapy Northern Beaches is highly qualified and most experienced team, including a network of doctors, physiotherapists, consultants, and surgeons. All the team is committed to help the injured individuals and help them recover from their injury as soon as possible.

The clinic offers a wide range of physiotherapy services along with the latest treatment options that allow the physiotherapists to treat each individual according to their injury. The expert services designed according to each individual needs, which assures a complete and speedy recovery and enhances performance levels.

If you are suffering from a spinal, sports, or workplace injury, then getting physiotherapy at Physiotherapy Northern Beaches is the wise options as the services offer a professional team who can reduce your pain and help you to get back to your normal life in a very short period. At Physiotherapy Northern Beaches, they provide the most talented therapists in Auckland with several years of experience that can help the patient to recover from the conditions as quickly as possible.

The committed team at Physiotherapy Northern Beaches is always ready to provide the best possible services and treatment to all the patients. The clinic is also equipped with the latest tools that are needed for a quick physiotherapeutic treatment. The friendly and peaceful environment gives hopes to the sufferers and they can surely expect positive results.

Services Offer:  At Physiotherapy Northern Beaches, you can expect a wide range of therapies for different types of injuries, including:

  • Lower back and Neck injuries
  • Sports injury
  • Muscle Balance assessments
  • Corporate workplace and health assessments
  • Acupuncture
  • Clinical Pilates

Sports Injury: The Physiotherapy Northern Beaches is very popular for treating sports injuries.  Many sportspersons get injured because of several reasons, including poor technique, muscle imbalance, or overloading of tissue. These are some of the main reasons why sports people get injured. When the individual is suffering from a sports injury, then they should immediately get a treatment. The experienced therapist can help them get recover quickly. The best physiotherapist can offer the most professional and experienced therapy by recognizing the cause of the injury and give the treatment accordingly.

At Physiotherapy Northern Beaches, you can find the most talented and experienced physiotherapists who are well-versed in using the latest technique to treat the injury and help the injured person recover quickly, the treatment process includes:

  • Taping
  • Mobilization
  • Manipulation
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise Prescription

As a part of treatment, the physiotherapists will suggest customized exercises that can be performed in the gym or at home.

Sports Injury: At Physiotherapy Northern Beaches, management of sports injury has enhanced vastly in the recent years. The professional team is completely trained and they can provide the best possible treatment to the injured individuals using the current treatment protocols and techniques. The physiotherapists provide the treatment in the sports injury clinic and they can provide the training if it is needed. These facilities make the individual feel safe and secure, and they can expect a speedy recovery as well.

The Physiotherapy Northern Beaches is also famous for treating lower back and neck injuries. The therapists use the latest technology and treatment options to help their patients to recover quickly.


How to get started with your own Tattoo Shop?


Do you feel that you can get more out of your artistic angles than anything else? Have you ever give it thought to be a tattoo artist? If yes, then it is time for you to know how you can get started with your Auckland tattoo studios.

Learn from the Best

Most of the tattoo artists have to learn their way in the world of art. Tattoo is an art that you can have it in you from the beginning. But with time and proper training you can learn it for sure. What you need to do is, find a nice apprentice program that will allow you to work under a tattoo artist for atleast 1 or 2 year. Although these types of programs are really expensive, but unless you learn from the best, you won’t be able to excel in your way. Once you have experience of 1-2 years in the field, now you can give it thought about starting your own tattoo studio.

Finding proper location

When it comes to the Auckland tattoo studios you cannot just start it in any place. You will need to choose a place that will help you grow your business. A busy pedestrian road with automotive access might be a good choice for your business. Unless you give the people a chance to view your business, you won’t get them interested in your tattoo art. That is why choice of the location for your studio is really important.

Know the laws very well

Even though tattoo is an art form, but still there are laws to be followed for opening Auckland tattoo studios. Depending on the place you are choosing to run your business the laws will vary. That is why you will need to contact the local authority to know about the laws that you will have to follow to safely running the business in that locality. You need to understand that a tattoo parlor is subject to inspection due to the safety and health standard to be maintained by the owners. In case you have any concern regarding all these you can contact the health department and get to know about the proper licensing that you might need to have to run your business.

Know your equipments

You need to know the equipments that you will require to get going with your tattoo studio. Mainly you will need needles, tattoo gun, ink, furniture, transfers and cash register, but you don’t have to buy everything new. You can watch out for the selling of second hand materials and buy them at a cheap price from the classified advertisements. This way you will be able to get them without spending a lot of money and utilize that extra money in expanding your business.

Advertise properly

To grow a business properly you will need to advertise. The key to advertisement is to understand the media you can use and the amount you want to spend as well. Online advertisement is the cheapest of them all. If you can fit you budget, you can go for the RV or radio advertisement as well, but that will be a lot more costly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the course first and start your journey today!

How to handle emergency plumbing situations?


Any type of plumbing situation can be a great inconvenience. However, some emergencies can be more damaging than others and therefore call for immediate inspection by a professional. Plumbing emergencies can be of different types. There can be gas leaks, broken and leaky pipes, blocked drainage and much more. Whatever be it, it is best to stay calm and avoid panicking till the plumber Orakei arrives. Given below are the tips on how to handle emergency situations if you were to face on.

  1. Gas leakage

If you get a strong smell of gas inside the rooms, it could possibly be a gas leak. In this case, check if all the regulators are turned off. Immediately switch off the main valve and open all the doors and windows to let the gas diffuse out. Avoid lighting a flame and remove all flammable materials from the area where the leak has happened. As you wait for the plumber Orakei to arrive, try staying out of these areas, even as the mere inhalation of these gases can cause serious health issues.

  1. Central heating

It can be a major inconvenience when the central heating breaks down, especially if it happens in the middle of a winter. It can be more problematic for the elderly people, children and those in a poor health condition. However, the heating system can be easily fixed as most of the times the breakdown occurs only due to tripping over circuit breakers, empty oil tank and the thermostat getting switched off. So if the heating system suddenly stops working, do not panic. Instead, go and check if it is any of the above-mentioned causes. Call the plumber Orakei only if it is something you cannot fix yourself and requires a professional to step in.

  1. Burst pipes

Burst pipes can be very problematic and if a plumber is not called in time, it can eventually lead to flooding of the entire floor, thus creating extensive damage. You can control the damage to some extent by placing rags, towels or buckets under the leaking portion. If there is a main valve in the plumbing system, shut it down so as to control the leak. While calling the plumber, give a detailed account and extent of the damage so that the plumber can carry the equipment accordingly before departing to your address. It is best to call in the emergency plumbers as they offer their services 24 by 7, give a quick response and dispatch well-trained servicemen equipped with all the necessary plumbing gears.

  1. Blockage

Blockages can cause major problems, especially if it happens in the toilets, bathrooms or kitchen sinks. Not only will the water refuse to drain, but sometimes, you may find dirty water flowing back out of the drain. If you see any of this happening, you should know that it is time to call a plumber right away. You should also start being wary if the water drains very slowly and there is a foul smell coming out of the drains.

Make your warehouse a better one with pallet shelving


If you own a warehouse, this is a question that you might have been asking yourself a lot of times. How can you use your warehouse in a better way? Is there any sort of limit to configure your warehouse to improve the storage? Can you make your warehouse flexible in any way possible? If you check with the expert they will say that there are ways of making your warehouse flexible in terms of designing. There are mainly 3 types that you can choose to make sure that your warehouse is flexible: cantilevered shelving, pallet racking and mezzanines


Mezzanines can give you authority to divide the space of the warehouse in a vertical way. If you have a high ceiling, you can use the space of the height that you haven’t used ever before. You can install tall shelves instead of shorter ones. But mezzanine is the better solution than this. This is sort of a half flooring. If your warehouse is said have 1 floor, then you can create another space with the mezzanine by cutting the vertical space of the warehouse into 2. These are normally made out of steel so that you can easily tear things in the shelves and also you can use the additional storage with versatility. Not only the space of the warehouse is used in a better way, you can also get extra money for that extra space that you have utilized in the best way possible actually. If you can make sure that the mezzanines are set up in a good way, you can surely earn a lot out of this and there is no stopping. Also, it can decrease your cost of buying another warehouse as well.

Pallet racking

To solve your space-related issues in the warehouse, you can also go for another flexible way: pallet racking. With this, you can manage your inventory and the warehouse at the same time. The benefit of using this kind of pallet shelving Auckland is that, you can use it even if you have an old configuration and it can start growing as the products increase in the warehouse. And the most important benefit is that pallet racks will be very easy to disassemble too, so you can easily create new storage space when you need. And you can also configure your pallet racks according to the space that you have. To get a more flexible design you can contact the experts and they can help you configure your space in an efficient way.

Cantilevered shelving

Out of these 3 pallet shelving Auckland techniques, this is the most used and can be really good too. These shelves actually get attached to the walls without any kind of stands. The advantage is that there is no need of beams or support even if the shelves are long. So, you can store things with no problem at all. And the next advantage is that it is very much flexible. You can just cut it short, when required or increase it if you require a long one.

So, now that you can understand that each of these pallet shelving Auckland systems can help you make the warehouse flexible, decide on which one you need and accordingly proceed with the steps. The best thing for you would be to ask an expert for the first time and that will help you understand a few things that you might have no idea in the beginning.

Tips to choosing best home water delivery service


Even if you have installed purifiers, it is doubtful to assert the full safety of drinking straight from the tap. Tap waters are generally loaded with chlorine and also have many chemicals used during the treatment process. Bottled water is a safer alternative and the fact that you can have it delivered straight to your house makes it even more convenient. Bottled waters are purified in multiple stages and are free of any contaminants or toxic chemicals. However, there are many services for water delivery. So if you want the best for your family’s health you should always make sure that you have settled with the reliable water delivery services. The following tips should help you choose the best home water delivery service.

  1. Purification processes

Keeping first things first, the most important thing would be the safety and purity of the supplied water. Generally, each company uses their own specific methods for purification. Some use reverse osmosis, while the others use trademark filtration processes like a multi-step aqua clear filtration system. Then there are some companies that add additional minerals which can go a long way in determining the taste of the water. Whenever you are making a deal with water delivery services, make sure that their source and purification processes are transparent enough. With this, you will have an assurance of reliability.

  1. Dispenser

If you are opting for bottled water, then it is mandatory that you have a collector/dispenser at your disposal. Although you can always buy one for yourself, you could also save a great deal by renting one from your delivery service. Almost all the water delivery services give out dispensers or coolers as per the preference of the customer. So be sure to check out the design of the dispensers before you settle in with a delivery service.

  1. Coverage area

Despite having many reliable water delivery services, it is not always guaranteed that you can avail, the services of nay one of them. Many water delivery services only tend to those areas that are in the vicinity of the treatment facilities. You can check out the websites to check out the areas covered by a particular service.

  1. Water products

Different water delivery services cater to different types of demands. Basically, water is delivered in either a three gallon or a five gallon bottle with the frequency of delivery determined by the family’s requirements. In addition to these, some services also provide cases of single serve bottles and purifying cartridges and other products. so make sure that your delivery service will cater to all your needs.

  1. Eco friendliness

Using bottles with high plastic content could be harmful both for your health as well as the environment. As it is, many customers prefer their bottles to be BPA free and made from reusable plastic. BPA or biphenyl A is a substance that has already been banned in many states. A little awareness in this area could go a long way in determining the overall bodily health as well as the health of the environment.

How to fit a towbar to your car?

Attaching towbars to your car can be very helpful if you are not very willing to spend that huge amount on a towing truck. So, if you are going to tow your car for some distance, then you should make sure that you attach the tow bar the right way. You would like to go for different options depending on the distance and the towing vehicle. Here are some tips on Auckland towbar installation that will help you nail it.

  1. Choose the right towbar

You can either go for a towbar or a tow dolly. The basic difference is that a tow bar pulls your vehicle on all four wheels while a tow dolly lifts the frontal portion of your car, putting the entire stress on the hind pair of wheels. Fitting a tow dolly requires some manual effort as the vehicle needs to be lifted and can be a little problematic if you are going to attach and reattach it frequently. Therefore, if you are going to have frequent stops, then tow bars are going to be more convenient. The overall cost of both is the same.

  1. Towbar design

When it comes to design, there are two options for you. You can either choose a motor home mounted Auckland towbar installation or a car mounted towbar. A motor home mounted towbar is attached to the receiving end of the motorhome hitch receiver and odes nod need to be detached when it is not in use. The car mounted towbar is fitted to the front of the vehicle to be towed. This towbar is comparatively easier to install and uninstall.

  1. Finding the mounting area

The towbar should be attached to that part of the car, which offers a strong built and will not come off easily under the weight of the vehicle. Bumpers are a good area. The other end of the towbar will then be attached to the rear of the towing vehicle. Make sure that the towbars are screwed in tightly as they should be able to provide a strong hold and evenly distribute the pulling force.

  1. Drill out holes and secure the towbar

For Auckland towbar installation, you will be required to drill holes into the car frame. This is where the crews will get attached. Measure the diameter of the bolts and drill hole accordingly. This may require two people for preciseness. When the holes are ready, secure the brackets for the towbar. The bolts are best secured when fitted together with a washer. Finally, tighten them using socket wrenches.

  1. Wire the towbar

It is safer to have the brake lights wired. So make sure that you include wiring along with Auckland towbar installation and check if the electrical systems are working. You could also use tail lights for easier removability. This will ensure the safety of both you and the other vehicles on the road.

  1. Attach safety chains

Using the towbar and pivot brackets are not enough. You should always use safety chains while towing a vehicle. This will avoid potential accidents if ever the tow bar gets unhitched from the towed vehicle.

How to choose the right boat trailer for yourself?


If you are planning to buy a boat trailer you should not rush. You should always take your time and choose the best trailer for you. Boat trailers come in different varieties, so you have to think of many different aspects. Trailer boats come in many different shapes, pricing varies in different amounts – so you need to do your ground research which will help you to get the right boat. Also, when you have an idea about the product, it can save a lot of your time, money and effort. You can research about different trailers online by surfing through online reviews and recommendations.

Things to consider when you are planning to buy a boat trailer

There are generally two types of boat trailers – bunk trailers and roller style trailers. Bunk trailers are generally cheaper and are also easily maintenance. Rollers trailer offer you easy boat launch but are expensive as compared to bunk trailers.

Before you plan to buy a particular boat trailer, it is important that you consider the following factors very carefully and then arrive at a wise decision:

The length of the trailer: If you are buying a boat trailer, you need to check the length of the trailer first. Your trailer ideally should be two feet longer than your boat. Before buying, you should always check the trailer description to know its exact specifications. If any particular detail isn’t available, you can contact the manufacturer/seller to get the details.

Weight and size of the trailer: You must also check the weight and size of the trailer, whether it will be able to support your boat or not. Checking the size and weight is really important; else you may face problems while trailing your boat.

Capacity: You should also know the capacity of the trailer that you are planning to buy. You should never overload your trailer.

Weather condition: Not all trailers are good for all weather conditions. Some trailers are designed especially to handle extreme weather. So, knowing or presuming the weather conditions that the trailer will be exposed to during use is important if you do not want to damage your trailer very quickly.

The price of the trailer: Price plays a crucial role. Depending on your budget, you need to choose the perfect trailer for your boat. So you must get an idea of the market prices and then fix a budget that will suit you the best.

Check the wheels and tires: When you are buying a boat trailer, you really need to check everything as you will be investing a good amount of money. If the wheels are bigger, then it may give you a hard time during launch. However, the tire size should be bigger as it will make your job easy.

Be sure to check these details before you buy any trailer. You will be easily able to decide which trailer to choose. You can easily surf the internet and study a number of suitable models before you choose the right kind of boat trailer.

Acrylic nails vs gel nails


When it comes to manicures, there are a lot of options. If you visit a salon, you may be asked whether you want gel nails or acrylic nails. So you should be known what each one means, the basic differences and the pros and cons of both. This article will guide you in understanding each one better so that you can make the right choice.

  1. Acrylic nails

The use of acrylic for artificial nails is very common, and this time, they are getting, even more, popularity. They are made by first applying a liquid monomer and then a layer of powder polymer. When exposed to air, it forms a hard coating or a false nail surface, which can be used for applying smooth layers of nail paint and other nail arts.


Acrylic nail applications are cheaper than gel nail applications. They are also very tough and do not break easily. When maintained with proper care, these can give a very good lasting. If it suffers a breakage, you can very well fix it at home all by yourself. The removal process is also very simple. You can simply soak your hands in water for some time and the nails will come off very easily. There is need to file away the entire layer.


Acrylic layers can severely damage the nails if left for a long time. The underlying layer can also get infected with bacteria and fungus. They also do not look very natural. They form a very thick layer and need professionals for an application. Strong chemicals are used while applying acrylic nails, thus can leave harmful chemicals behind.

  1. Gel nails

As compared to acrylic nails, gel nails look more natural. They also provide the same strength. Gel nails are just like applying clear nail polishes; they form a protective coating over the nails and get hardened only when exposed to UV light. The gel polishes bond very well with the nails.


Gel nails look simply amazing. They give a very smooth and glossy finish which make your nails look very healthy and nourished. They also get cured within just two to three minutes, which is much faster as compared to the acrylic ones. Unlike acrylic nails, gel nails do not require fume treatment. Hence, they are considered much safer and environment-friendly.


Gel nails are way more expensive, but they do not last very long. It is also impossible to do gel nails at home as it requires UV treatment. When gel nails break, it is not the chipping that you will see. They tend to shatter and are therefore impossible to fix at home yourself. Finally, when you want to remove gel nails, you will have to file away everything. This can get rather difficult and time-consuming.

Which one to choose?

Both acrylic and gel nails are artificial enhancements, and both have their own pros and cons. Gel nails give a good finish but are expensive and do not last as long as the acrylic nails. Therefore, when it comes to making a choice, it is better to assess the reason why you are getting the nail makeovers and choose as per the need of the hour. For special events and functions, gel nails may be the way to go, but if you want something for a longer duration, it is better to stick with acrylic.


Why you should hire an electrician over conducting a DIY project

It is one thing when you do some arts and crafts related DIY project. But, it’s quite another when you’re dealing with something as critical as electrical repairs. You can afford to make mistakes in other do-it-yourself projects that don’t compromise the physical safety of anybody. But, when you try to fix a fan or a bulb, or some wiring issues in your house on your own; even a tiny mistake a turn out to be the very costly affair.


So, in an effort to save the money by trying to fix stuff on your own, it’s only wise to go with professional help. Listed below are few good reasons that advocate hiring a professional electrician in Canterbury over a do-it-yourself project. 24 hour electrician

  1. Time-saving – When an amateur tries to fix electronic appliances or some wiring issues, that person can take forever to figure out the root cause of the problem. Sometimes it can become downright frustrating to see that even hours of analysis were absolutely useless. A professional can identify the cause of the problem within seconds. Their experience comes handy in identifying the cause of trouble as well as how to fix them in no time.
  2. Assurance of safety – Perhaps the wiring in your house is not working properly. So, you pick up your tool box and get started. But, don’t forget that accidently leaving some wire exposed can pose possible threats for your loved ones. Professional electricians know how to wrap things up after the issue has been fixed so that no wires are left exposed that might threaten the well-being of people.
  3. More economical option – Only an expert is fully knowledgeable of stuff like what’s the right amperage and voltage for different appliances. They know the right settings for different circuits in appliances. If you mistakenly change those settings, it could go to damage the motor and electronic gears. So, instead of saving money by avoiding professional help, you could end up spending more in the long run by unknowingly damaging your costly appliances.
  4. Saves you the frustration – The concept of wiring or a motor functioning may seem easy at first. But, what the naked eyes see is the only tip of the iceberg. What keeps things connected is a complex network of wires functioning underneath. Trying to navigate through those complexities can sometimes drive a person insane. Having a professional service provider at your doorsteps saves you from going crazy trying to troubleshoot the issue you probably don’t understand to begin with.
  5. No guess work – When a professional electrician in Canterbury comes to offer you services at your doorsteps, you are no longer resorting to guessing work. You know that the problem will be fixed. The solution is almost always guaranteed. What’s more, if the same issue arises again, you can call the service provider to re-inspect things for you.

So, that pretty much sums up why it’s only fitting to have a professional electrician come to your house whenever you face any wiring or appliances related issues.

Why More SEO Marketing Strategies include Infographics

Search engine optimization is often thought as a marketing strategy that uses words and words only. So, why are we talking about infographics? Sure, they are nice to look at, but more online marketing experts. SEO Auckland and others alike are exercising ways to use images as part of SEO strategies.  Using infographics is another way to share information with site visitors.  A clever infographic can offer information people will want to share after grabbing their attention.  Here are a few important points to know about using this component in your SEO strategy.

Make Any Topic Readable

An infographic can make the most boring topic interesting to read based on presentation.  Studies have shown the brain digests more information with accompanied with a picture or graphic. While being more captivating to the eyes, people are more likely to remember the content because of the picture or graphic a few days later after the initial read.

More Rounds Made on Social Media

Studies have shown visual content in general (such as videos and pictures) are 40% more likely to get shared on social media.  An infographic is a great component to add to social media marketing campaigns when you want to get the word out about something with faster results.

Infographics are Highly Effective

Infographics are effective when used with SEO Auckland marketing strategies for a number of reasons.  A large number of clients working with SEO companies feel this is the next big thing when it comes to creating unique custom content marketing material.  This is considered a less expensive strategy clients say has gotten them more leads.  More people find the content helpful, talk about the content they read (especially if it is a product or service), and are more likely to make a purchase.

Helps Brands Get the Word Out

Website visitors may only spend a minute or less at a website.  This means a large number of potential profits can jump to another website. In some cases, this can happen within 15 seconds!  Using an infographic can help business brands get the message out about their products quickly.  Meaning, you can get your message in sooner before a consumer decides to leave the website.

Market Expansion and Growth

While more shares on social media are great, infographics offer additional benefits. They can encourage the growth of your market by creating traffic referral.  It can be used to build links through relevant sites.  Studies show almost 45% of images on social media get shared.  Infographics are three-times more to be shared than an article or video.


Mother dies in cycling crash moments after taking this smiling selfie

Carmen Greenway pictured taking the selfie with one hand on her bike as she cycled home from dinner – moments before she hit a bumpy patch of road and lost control.

This is the smiling selfie taken by a Kiwi mother-of two just moments before she crashed her bike and was fatally injured just metres from her London home.

New Zealander Carmen Greenway, 41, took this picture of herself and her mother in the background as they rode back from the pub where they had been celebrating a family occasion.

But moments later, just 100 yards from her west London home, Mrs Greenway was flung from the saddle and cracked her skull as her mother, Sherry Bennett, watched on in horror.

She was rushed to hospital in Paddington, central London, but died six days later from cardiac arrest, leaving the family devastated.

Her husband, Rufus Greenway, 47, said his wife regularly rode back from the pub after a few drinks and knew the route well.

He described her as “a very competent cyclist” but believes she was “overconfident” and said she may have had one hand on the handlebar after taking the photo.

Carmen Greenaway was a 'competent cyclist' says her husband Rufus.

Carmen Greenaway was a ‘competent cyclist’ says her husband Rufus.

He said his wife would “still be alive today” if she had been wearing a helmet and is now calling on the government to make it a legal requirement on Britain’s roads. Helmets are not compulsory in the United Kingdom.


Cologne bike show: Meet the cafe racers

If the present trend amongst bike customisers towards cafe racers is slowing, no-one’s told the motorcycle manufacturers, who have unleashed a blitz of sporty-looking neo-retro models at the recent Intermot show in Cologne, Germany.

Leading the charge towards bikes that not only look good when parked up outside a cafe, but are highly enjoyable to ride to it, were BMW, Honda, and Triumph, which added a 900cc version to complement the 1200cc Thruxton models.

The unveiling of these bikes lent a custom bike show ambience to the show, and contrasted with the debut of several high-tech sportsbikes from Ducati, Honda, and Suzuki.

Changes for Honda CB1100RS include upswept exhausts, new graphics and stronger suspension.


BMW Motorrad knows that while its venerable 1170cc air-cooled boxer twin engine can meet the new Euro 4 emission rules that will be enforced next year, it may fail to meet the far more challenging Euro 5 standards due in 2020.


X-rated Diavel is born in Italy for the US

It seemed highly appropriate to be test-riding the new Ducati XDiavel along the famous Skyline Boulevard, located in the hills south of San Francisco.

For Ducati’s North American HQ is located immediately to the east in the valley below, an oasis of real-time hedonism surrounded by several Apple R&D centres attempting to replicate similar excitement in the virtual world. Picking up the XDiavel in Cupertino, California was therefore like finding the first feet-forward Ducati at the epicentre of its target market. The cashed-up geeks of ‘silicon valley’ are precisely who Ducati has in mind as the buyers of this bike.

These folk are young and wide-minded, and not as prone therefore to the ancient American myth that patriotism dictates that your next cruiser must be a Harley, Victory, or Indian.

Longer piston strokes enlarge 1198cc V-twin to 1262cc, adding extra torque to a peak delivered at lower revs.


So the XDiavel is a cruiser made in Italy, tailored primarily to the tastes of US consumers, and is therefore a feet-forward motorcycle as we’ve never known one before. It has all the right design cues – a 755mm-high seat that’s as low as the cushions on your couch, pegs that stretch the legs forward, fork legs raked out to extend the wheelbase, a fat rear tyre, belt drive, and wide upright handlebars.


No action yet for officer who pushed Auckland teen off bike

Thirteen year-old Matthew Heather was shocked at the heavy-handed treatment by a police officer in South Auckland. The video clip capturing the incident was posted online.

Police are yet to decide the fate of an officer who aggressively pushed an Auckland teen off his bike, despite more than six weeks passing since the incident.

The teen, Matthew Heather, 13, did not suffer any injuries but was shown being pushed off his bike and onto the ground before being pulled up against a fence by the officer.

The footage of the incident in Mangere Bridge was caught by a member of the group Matthew was with and published on Facebook on August 27, gaining thousands of views and hundreds of comments.

An Image taken from Cee La Tonga Taumoefolau's Facebook video showing a police officer pushing Matthew Heather, 13, from ...


An Image taken from Cee La Tonga Taumoefolau’s Facebook video showing a police officer pushing Matthew Heather, 13, from his bike with force.

Police said initially they were investigating as to whether the incident would be treated as a criminal or employment matter.


Clean and Prevent Outdoor Furniture Mold and Mildew with these Tips

Mold and mildew are the last things anyone wants to deal with when it comes to furniture used outdoors.  While it is great to enjoy new furniture purchased from outdoor furniture Auckland and other fine retailers, after a while, the furniture may develop mold or mildew due to changes in weather conditions.  Taking care of your outdoor furniture includes understanding differences between mold and mildew and how to clean and prevent both to keep your furniture looking new.

Are Mold and Mildew the Same?

People may think mold and mildew are the same since they are a form of fungi.  They are not the same since each develops differently on certain types of furniture.  When mold develops it can be in different colors such as brown, green, yellow, white, or black.  On outdoor furniture, it can develop on cushioned material or underneath umbrellas.  Mold is the root cause of health concerns such as joint inflammation, migraines, breathing difficulties, and allergic reactions.

Mildew is commonly found in bathrooms after a person takes a bath or shower. It has a distinct look that is also found on outdoor furniture. This has a powdery appearance and either brown, black, or yellow in color. Different types of outdoor furniture that do not have cushioned material can develop mildew.  Headaches and breathing problems can be a result when uncleaned.  So how should mold and mildew be cleaned from outdoor furniture?

Mold Mildew Removal and Prevention

There are different ways to clean mold and mildew depending on the piece of furniture.  It is possible to find cleaning solutions at outdoor furniture Auckland and other retailers.  If you want an inexpensive way to clean your furniture here are basic tips:

  1. Use a solution you can make at home.  You can use ingredients you have at home or at your local store.  You can make a solution that includes baking soda, borax, dishwashing soap, and water.  Mix with warm water until dissolved and use circular motions to clear furniture. Works well for cushions and umbrellas.
  2. Light bleach mix.  This is a little stronger than the homemade mix, but be careful using it near colored cushions.  Use equal parts water and bleach in a bucket.  Don’t mix with ammonia.
  3. Ammonia mix.  This is a mix of water, vinegar, and baking soda. This is good for furniture with mold.
  4. Natural mixes.  You can use items such as lemon juice and salt to scrub away mold and mildew. You can also consider hydrogen peroxide.

Additional Tips for Care and Prevention

Keep moisture to a minimum or eliminate it when possible before it sets into the furniture.  Get your furniture into the sunlight. Cool, dark and damp areas are breeding grounds for mold and mildew.  Use breathable furniture covers.  Keep furniture clean by cleaning it at least 3 times throughout the year.